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I have not been updating this journal for a while, and don't know that I will be again(at least not with any regularity). I have largely moved away from LJ as a place to write, though I do still ready my friends list most days.

I can be found on Facebook under my pixel at blert dot net email address.

I now have a blog at http://www.blert.net/blog/

Look for me there.

Writer's Block: It's payday!

Tell my girlfriend to quit her miserable job, give her at least $100K so she'd have her own safety net and pay for her health insurance so she can concentrate on writing & editing full time. Start shopping for an interesting house with at least a 1/2 acre & either a 4-car+ garage or room for one. 
Also the budget for the classic car I'm already shopping for would grow a bit...
What would you do if you had a million dollars?
quantum cat

Weirdos in the woods?

EDIT: This is for the weekend of July 22-24th. Lost that when I cut'n pasted from facebook

Vikki & I are going to be at my family's cottage for the weekend and want you to come too! Its located in southeastern CT near a small lake. We'll be there from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon/evening and everyone is welcome for whatever part you can make it to.

There is a swimming area nearby with a floating dock, we have a canoe and some kayaks. The far side of the lake is a state forest with an abandoned summer camp in it. We have a hammock, badminton/volleyball net & big deck to hang out on. At night I can light up the fire bowl. We'll have the grill going & crepes and/or omelettes for breakfast.

There is crash space inside for 6-8 guests + floor space, and a yard big enough to pitch tents in (I can probably scare up 1-2 tents). Let me know if you'll have need of crash space.

For obvious reasons there is no public transit options there. Though if people want to come down for the whole weekend we might be able to pick you up from the commuter rail and give you a lift. Otherwise the Lebanon CT Amtrak stop is closest but would require advanced notice/planning.

Things to be aware of:
-You're going to need to bring at least some food and/or stop off at the supermarket nearby. We can't afford to feed everyone all weekend. :)
-My friends are not normal, there may be people there with non-standard gender orientations/gender presentations/relationship structures. You have to be able to be polite about that if you are attending.
-The water pressure *sucks* there, plan on the most basic of showers if you stay over. Related the water has a bit of a sulfur smell/taste, doesn't bother me but bothers some. We'll be bringing non-sulfurous drinking water as well.

On the insanity of the RI DMV

So Last June I went into the local DMV office and registered two cars(Box my xB and Emily my '62 Comet), and my tiny utility trailer. All the same day, all for a 1-year registration.

This April a renewal letter came in for the trailer, which I thought odd because I thought I had 2 more months. But it was $10 so I didn't care that much and sent it back in.

In May the Comet renewal came in. I figured the xB one was right behind it, and hung onto it. A MONTH later, in June, the xB renewal showed up. So I sent them both in.

So now, despite registering them on the same day, I have three registrations that expire in three different months. Thanks DMV, Thanks.

I am an evil GM...

Cheeble, Cheeble Hamster Dance!
Cheeble, Cheeble Hamster Sing!
Cheeble, Cheeble Hamster Play!
Cheeble! Cheeble! HAPPY YAY!!

Cheeble Cheeble Happy Yay! Every day at 2pm, and 9am on Saturday & Sunday! And remember kids, the new Cheeble Cheeble Happy Yay! Happy Playset is available in stores now!


"Oh. My. God. We're up against children's television?!?"